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Welcome to the new reality with H.K.Fluorescent design laboratory
Story by Lena Plekhanova (firstnews)

October 17, 2005 04:04 PM

"In March 2000, Natasha and Sergey started a very original business. The young couple are adherents of the psychedelic-trans culture, and this youth club-culture direction became a basis for their future work and art.

As many young families before and after them, Natasha and Sergey started in their apartment with only two of them as the whole project personnel. Today, design laboratory H.K.Fluorescent has a complete workshop on Andriyivsky Uzviz. Their shop called Fluranet (situated at the same building) has attained success among young people and tourists. Today project’s staff includes about twenty persons….and two very artistic cats.

The merchandise assortment of the shop represents the attributes of psychedelic-trans culture – pipes, amulets, candlesticks, accessories, and original clothes. Fluorescent colors used in most of the goods are also the distinguishing feature of this culture. They look their best in ultraviolet lights which are commonly usually used in night-clubs and discotecs. Every piece of H.K.Fluorescent's work is hand-made and unique.

Besides managing the shop and workshop, H.K.Fluorescent decorates clubs and parties with their original designs for Kyiv and Ukrainian clients."




Ukraine. Kiev.

St. Andreevskiy spusk 22b.

m. "Kontraktovaya square"

open from 8.30 to 19.30

open from





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