Fluranet Fluffy little rabbits from outer space are obviously keen on mushrooms! Nita Kravits caught one in the act and captured the moment for the front page of this issue. The Ukrainian painter is part of an artist collective which she started 12 years ago together with her partner Sergey: Fluranet . Over the years, this experimental project gathered more and more contributors and brought to life an amazing variety of fluorescent decoration, fashion and accessories.

Nita explains her approach on her paintings. Her large backdrops could be seen at many parties in the Ukraine since the Fluranet team made itself a name for original decorations. Operating from Kiev, the crew runs a little shop where its creative products are sold: Paintings, a variety of fluorescent clothes and bags as well as hand-made jewellery from polymer clay. During the summer, their mobile shop can be found at various festivals in Europe, like Ozora in Hungary or Sonica in Montenegro. In winter, the team moves to sunny India. Last but not least there is flura.net, the online shop that makes the work of Fluranet available all around the world. While this site is Russian, the Facebook profile is available in English.




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